How do I start in real estate.

For so many the big world of real estate looks easy from the outside. In reality there is so much that goes on behind the scene and therefore its very important to get some good  foundations to start.

So starting out in the real estate industry can very quickly go from total elevation of positive emotion to a high stress situation without these foundations. They will keep you on track, and ensure your in the best mind set to achive results from an action plan.

The first couple of things I would suggest is;

1. Have a clear reason’s why you want to create a career in real estate. This will fuel your motivation, pick you up when needed, power you to do what ever it takes. Write down a couple of big reasons (goals) and then post them some where you can see them every day.

2. Find a mentor or someone’s coat tail to hang on too. A highly motivated and successful person in life, and with runs on the board in real estate. This person should know your WHY  (step 1) and is going to assist in pointing you in the right direction,  and keep you on track. “You are who you hang around” so choose wisely and continue to look for new people like this. The more people you find that have experience and the quality of life you want the better person and agent you will become. It may be a Real estate agent, Principal, Sales Manager, Coach, personal trainer……….Just find someone 🙂

3. Turn you Why into Numbers. Real estate in the beginning is a numbers game. The more people you can effectively connect with and feed to your pipeline, the quicker your business will grow and become financially rewarding. Ask your sales manager or principal how reverse engineer if they don’t know email me and we can sit down and chat about your future career.

Thanks for all who have just joined the blog. If you have any topics you want covered please message me.



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